A Pizza Partito!

This isn’t just about pizza, but a combination of Pizza and the Grilled Party that goes with it.

I’ve made a lot of pizzas; think I do a good job, no, correct myself, I do an excellent job and grilling them is something I have been doing for many (can’t even count them anymore) years.

Grilled Pizza Party’s are fun; everyone gets to create their own personal, rustic looking pizza.  Just invite your friends over and have them bring a favorite topping.

The  grilled dough rounds can be done a few hours to a day ahead, if you prefer, just refrigerate and they will be ready for a party, ready for dressing, heating and cheese melting.

Toppings we had at this party included: five Italian cheeses, grilled pork tenderloin, red peppers, red onion and asparagus with green olives, and herbed zucchini on an Italian tomato/garlic sauce.

I baked the pizza rounds on my stone and heated and melted toppings on the grill this time around.

In the end; between grilled vegetables and heating the dressed pizzas on a grill we enjoyed a smoky aroma and taste.

NOTE: Grilled Pizza dough and instructions can be  found at the link below:


One thought on “A Pizza Partito!

  1. Betty Burner May 10, 2010 at 11:19 PM Reply

    OK, OK, it’s official.. I am starving! I will just have to crack the whip. Steve needs to gets the new BBQ “patio” finished NOW so I can make these!

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