Curds & Whey – uses for Whey

During cheese making, soft white curds rise to the top, separating, leaving the whey underneath; a transparent watery liquid that some people dump. There are a variety of uses for the watery whey; traditionally, ricotta is a re-cooked by product made after reheating the whey left over from making certain hard cheeses.

However, a delicious ricotta cheese-like product can be made by extracting curds straight from milk; a popular method used now days by home cooks. (For the recipe I use, made by extracting curds straight from the milk, click on the link at the top left of this page).

My whey by-product is watery, yet milky-white because of the cream used; it has a pleasant taste and aroma – kind of like skim milk, so it is not discarded. I use it in recipes such as, sauces, soups, smoothies or breads – if used in a couple days. Otherwise, it is frozen for a later use.

The jars up top are ready for the freezer. But first I simmered it all with:

  • smashed garlic cloves
  • sprigs of thyme
  • rosemary
  • sage

And made a béchamel sauce for the zucchini lasagna –  photo below.

And for asparagus lasagna:

I also used some plain whey in a creamy soup calling for a thin white sauce base. And in my “yogurt scream” – a combo of yogurt, cream and the whey.

See the links below:

Note: cream or milk was written as the ingredient for some of these recipes (see links) because whey is not usually found in most of our refrigerators!

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